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Award Winning Restaurant

SunSentinal Gives Sicilian Oven 4 Stars!

Sicilian Oven arguably has the best Wood Fired Pizza that South Florida has to offer. Founded by Ralph Disalvo and Andrew Garavuso in 2008, these two ingenious restaurateurs have created a concept that offers something great for everyone. With a romantically cozy atmosphere, this team couples the love of a home cooked meal with a sentimental and intimate dinning experience.


Over the years, Sicilian Oven has won many awards, and they received the most votes for the best wood fired pizza by the New Times.  Judith Stocks “a well known local food critic” gives Sicilian Oven Four Stars and raving reviews in her write up in the Sun Sentinel.


This is a dining experience you wish to repeat over and over again. We are looking forward to having you.

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