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Sicilian Oven is looking to employ forward thinking individuals who understand the importance of achieving high-level service results. The host / cashier position requires complete menu knowledge, the ability to smile and create a completely positive interaction with all guests weather they are dine In guests or take out customers.


Greeting Hello

Believe it or not a guest’s dining experience begins as they are walking up to the front door of the restaurant. What they find on the other side of the door sets the tone for the entire evening. Some guests will enter already smiling; others will enter in a less than favorable mood. The first face a guest should see when they arrive is one of a happy and helpful hostess. The brighter your smile the better the guest’s experience will be.




With no wait:

Hello welcome to Sicilian Oven, my name is _________ how many in your party?


If there is a wait:

Hello welcome to Sicilian Oven, my name is __________. We are on an estimated ____minute wait.

Would you like me to put you on the list?  What is your name and how many are in your party?

Thank you, we will have your table ready as soon as it is available.


Greeting the guest good bye:

As the guests approach, try to make eye contact, thank the guest and invite them back for another experience.


Thank you for dining with us, come back and see us soon.


Seating the guest:

Once you have collected the party, have the guests follow you to their table. Place the menus

Dinner side up in front of each guest.


***note in the case of large parties, we preset the table, do not place menus on the plates, put them on the pizza stand. We do not want to place, potentially dirty menus on clean dishes.


No Wait:

Your sever will be with you momentarily, I hope you enjoy your meal.


Thank you for your patience, Your sever will be with you momentarily, I hope you enjoy your meal.


Dinning room etiquette

Although greeting guests and managing traffic flow is the main purpose of a hostess, there is another aspect that is equally critical. This is in the ability to answer or get answers to a guests questions. Guests respond to confidence. If a guest has a question, even if you do not know the answer, look them in the eye and assure them that you will find out right away. This makes the guest believe that you care and that they are in good hands. There is nothing worse than to approach a staff member of any company, ask a question and receive a dumbfounded look.

We expect our hostesses to have:

            • basic food knowledge

            • take out procedure knowledge

            • general company knowledge

            • confidence when they speak to the guests

            • knowledge of order entry in POS system

            • knowledge of our hosting system

            • must remain positive and smiling



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