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General Policies

What you need to know


         •   Address of location

         •   Phone number of location

         •   Web address

         •   General dining philosophy

         •   How long we have been in business

         •   Difference between wood and coal

         •   Employees should arrive in uniform10 minutes before shift

         •   Calling out, must call management at least 24 hours notice

         •   No shift changing without management approval

         •   Employees are entitled to a 10% – 20% for any meals

         •   Any insubordination will result in a write up

         •   After three write ups, you will be considered for termination

         •   Refer to the employee manual for all Rules and regulations

         •   Delivery is only available through delivery dudes

         •   No lingering around after work. You are expected to leave promptly after your shift.

         •   Employees cannot drink at the bar after their shift. (even if you change your clothes)

         •   Never park in front of the building, those spots are reserved for our guests

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