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Sicilian Oven is looking to employ forward thinking individuals who understand the importance of achieving high-level service results. The ideal bus person will have the ability to multi task between cleaning tables, restocking clean dishes and attentive to the overall cleanliness of the restaurant. As well as have a knowledge of dining room etiquette and able to interact with guests.


Pre Bussing

It is paramount that our dining room is clean, maintained and always ready for business. Lingering dirty dishes, napkins, empty drinks and flatware are only one aspect of the position. Although it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain clean tables, we expect our bussers to anticipate when guests will need table maintenance through the course of their dining experience. The only way to achieve this level of service is to constantly watch each table, take and update mental notes about the progress of each guest. This mental accounting should be second nature, and is reached through a moderate amount of concentration.


Floors and Service Areas

Floors and service areas are another area of responsibility for the bussers. It is imperative that all surfaces, floors and garbage areas are clean with debris. Constant spot sweeping and counter wiping is how we fill this need.


Dinning room etiquette

Although keeping the restaurant clean is a busser’s main purpose, there is another aspect that is equally critical. This aspect is in the attitude that our staff portrays. Many times guests will stop a busser with a question or a request. We will equip you with the knowledge to answer questions and the protocols to handle requests.


We expect our bussers to have

            • take out procedure knowledge

            • general company knowledge

            • confidence when they speak to the guests

            • Ability to multi task

            • Menu knowledge

            • Be prepared, organized and ready to jump on a task


Ongoing busser duties

           • restocking clean dishes & glassware,

           • clearing dirty tables,

           • trash removal,

           • bathroom maintenance,

           • filling ice,

           • restocking beer, wine, and glassware for bartenders

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