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Busser Uniform

• Clean all black atire shirt & pants

• Closed toe black shoe with non-slip soles

• Clean shaved or beards must be neatly trimmed

• All hair to be pulled back off of shoulder

• Fingernails are groomed & clean

• No heavy perfume or cologne scents

• Any questions see management


All bussers are required to be dressed and ready for their shift a minimum of 20 minutes before their shift begins.



All bussers must be well groomed, fresh and in uniform.  We want you to have fresh face and your presence of mind to be at your best.



Sicilian Oven is a pleasant place to dine and work. It is in our nature to be happy and we aim to create a happy environment for our employees. Please do not bring your problems to work. We expect all of our employees to be professional and considerate of the workspace. While you are at work, your best attitude and performance will translate into better gratuities and experience.



The use of personal cell phones, for text messaging, phone calls or any social media outlets is strictly prohibited during standard working hours. If you have an emergency situation, please contact your immediate supervisor. If you are caught using your cell phone during work hours your phone may be confiscated until the end of the shift and/or you may be docked 15 minutes off your pay for each use.

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